5 Interesting CBD Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Is CBD legal? Can you overdose on CBD? What is CBD? We see CBD – Cannabidiol – getting a lot of love on the internet nowadays. When it comes to CBD, Shah Saffron is here to help keep you informed and educated on all things CBD.

Check out these 5 interesting facts about CBD that you probably didn’t know. 

CBD is Legal

The history of CBD legalities begins in 2018. Thanks to the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 (2018 Farm Bill), CBD was officially made legal by Federal law in the US in 2018, but there is one caveat. In order for CBD to be legal, CBD products must contain no more than 0.3% THC. Did you know Shah Saffron CBD has ZERO THC? 

CBD Won’t Make You High

According to the CDC, although CBD is found in Cannabis, CBD is not responsible for “getting you high.” THC, on the other hand, is another chemical compound derived from Cannabis (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is what creates the psychoactive effects. 

THC and CBD might hail from the same Cannabis plant, but they do have their differences.

You Can’t Overdose on CBD

Lucky for us, CBD has a high safety profile – meaning, it’s difficult for most to overdose. How do we know this? CBD works with receptors around the body, and receptors aren’t present in the areas of the brain that control respiration. Studies show that CBD can be used safely and effectively in high amounts (with servings up to 1,500 mg). 

CBD Comes in Many Shapes and Sizes

You’re probably most familiar with CBD oil, but what about its sister products? When it comes to reaping the health benefits of CBD, we can do so with tinctures, topicals, and even bath bombs!  

What CBD products have you found you like the best? 

Queen Victoria used CBD

CBD may have been popular for longer than we once thought! In fact, Queen Victoria, who ruled the British Empire from 1837 to 1901, is reported to have regularly taken a cannabis extract product. Although we don’t know exactly what was in this tincture, it is rumored to have contained a large amount of CBD. But, it wasn’t just the Queen using CBD. CBD was widely used throughout Victorian England. and was often added to tea, for as a source of pain relief.

There you have it, folks, 5 interesting facts you probably didn’t know about CBD! What did you find most interesting?