CBD Oil and Your Sex Drive

Ahh, February, the month of love. And the perfect time to discuss how to increase your sex drive! You may have heard or even read an article or two about CBD and your sex life. Is there a correlation? While we are still spending time, plenty of time, at home with our significant others, finding ways to improve one’s sex life might be on the agenda. Let’s be honest, it may have been for a while, right? The spark that was once there may be dying out, but could CBD be a sex game-changer? And as we enter the month centered around love, now is a great time to further investigate the effects of CBD and Libido.

Looking at the research, CBD may help to increase libido, and it’s become quite the topic when it comes to increasing one’s sex drive. To understand how CBD may help to improve the libido for men and women, it’s first important to gain an understanding of the Cannabidiol system and how it works throughout our body.

Let’s start by taking a look at the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

Throughout our bodies, tiny receptors can be found that make up this system. Scientists recommend thinking of these receptors as the locks that the key — CBD — can activate. Although CBD itself doesn’t directly “unlock” these receptors, they do work to set off a series of reactions throughout the body that stimulate the ECS. Some of the most notable effects of CBD are the anti-inflammatory effects as well as anticonvulsants, and of course, reducing anxiety (and we are all familiar with the effects that anxiety can have on our mental and physical health). 

Interestingly enough, many of these receptors have been found throughout the sexual reproduction system in males. You guessed it, in the testicles. To find out if CBD is a viable candidate to liven your sex life, let’s take a look at how it can work to reduce anxiety among other mental or physical related issues.

Anxiety + Pain Relief + Increased Libido

Now that we have discussed how CBD can work to cause a series of events within our body’s ECS, we can take a closer look at how CBD plays an active role to actually increase sexual libido through reducing anxiety and pain or inflammation in the body.

Anxiety has become a part of our everyday lives and can interfere with many aspects of our everyday lives, including our sex life. Some of our anxiety may be rooted in our mental health, while some may stem from complications with our physical health. Luckily, CBD may combat both.

It is no surprise that CBD is used globally to reduce stress and anxiety among individuals. In fact, an article from Healthline highlights research that has shown CBD may be effective at reducing stress and anxiety. That relaxation we gain, in turn, may reduce the distractions and worries that can hinder a positive sexual experience with your sexual partner.

Similarly, research has found that although CBD contains no psychoactive effects, it may work to boost one’s mood by enhancing a specific neurotransmitter called Anandamide.

Alex Capano, a medical director for Ananda Hemp and faculty member at the Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp at Thomas Jefferson University explains that:

“Anandamide is our bliss neurotransmitter, and it’s also associated with oxytocin [also known as the ‘cuddle hormone’],” says Capano. “CBD helps increase the natural neurotransmitters and endorphins that we make on our own that ultimately lead to a better sexual experience.”

But reducing anxiety and boosting moods to create a more pleasurable experience isn’t all that CBD has to offer when it comes to enhancing your libido. Capano further explains that:

“There are so many cannabinoid receptors in reproductive organs and sexual tissue. CBD increases blood flow to tissues, which increases sensitivity and promotes the body’s own natural lubrication.”

Sounds like a recipe for sex-cess, right?

Consider Adding CBD to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Not only can CBD help to reduce an individual’s anxiety, but it can also help increase circulation to sexual reproductive systems while boosting your mood all at the same time.

If you are struggling to reignite that spark you once had and are looking for natural alternatives or remedies to help increase your sex life, Shah CBD might be an option worth considering. Although there is plenty of additional research needed to narrow down the specifics that CBD can have on both male and female reproductive systems, CBD is a great addition to your daily regimen regardless.

Reducing anxiety, pain, and inflammation in the body may be just what you need to reignite that spark and passion! Cheers to love, libido, and CBD!

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