How Hemp Might Help

How Hemp Might Help

What is a hemp-derived product?

It is a product that is derived from industrial hemp and intended to be included in a food, beverage, pet food, dietary supplement or cosmetic. Many people have recognized the healing capabilities of hemp products and choose them as their preferred method to treat a variety of conditions. The following highlights some, but not all, of the potential benefits that hemp-derived products can provide. 

Hemp May Relieve Your Chronic Pain 

Pharmaceutical drugs use mind-altering mechanisms for treating ailments such as regular pain. Unlike these mind altering methods, hemp is not psychoactive. Hemp products can be effective at treating aspects of chronic pain and cancer related pain.¹ Shah Saffron CBD produces a Pain Relief Cream specially targeted to relieving pain. Our clients report that it is ideal for joint aches, muscle pains, menstrual cramps, headaches, and back pain.

Hemp May Improve Mental Health 

Anxiety and Depression are among the most common mental health conditions, impacting 40 million adults in the United States according to the ADAA. Both anxiety and depression are most commonly treated using prescription drugs. These drugs can have a vast array of side effects that include changes in mood, behavior, and pain levels. Dependency is also an issue with prescription drugs, as many are addictive. Many who have tried hemp products as a treatment for their depression or anxiety have found that it has an antidepressant effect without unwanted side effects. A recent study found a significant 41 percent of participants claimed that hemp products were more effective at treating conditions like anxiety than their previous treatments.²

Hemp May Reduce Pain and Inflammation 

Inflammation is caused by the body’s immune system. Short term inflammation can be a healthy immune response intended to protect the body. Long term inflammation is associated with a plethora of diseases. Symptoms of inflammation include swelling, redness, and chronic pain. Since anti-inflammatory drugs come with a variety of risk factors, many specialists are recommending non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and treatments.³ Hemp products have been shown to naturally reduce pro-inflammatory molecules called cytokines. Chemical compounds found in hemp products can suppress “T-cell-mediated” immune responses leading to the reduction of pro-inflammatory cytokines.⁴

Hemp May Promote Neurological Health 

In order to have good neurological health, brain signals need to communicate effectively with the rest of the nervous system. Those who suffer from neurological dysfunctions have recently been receiving treatment using hemp products with promising results. A 2017 study found that hemp products can be used as an anti-epileptic treatment for those who are resistant to ant-epileptic drugs.⁷

Why Shah Saffron CBD? 

Shah Saffron CBD produces a high quality hemp-derived isolate. Saffron, Myrcene, and a hint of mint are combined in a pure almond oil to create a synergistic blend with high bioavailability and a clean flavor and texture. The quality of our product maximizes the many health benefits associated with hemp. Try Shah Saffron CBD  today and experience what high quality hemp products can do for you. 


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