How We Are Different | SHAH CBD

The world we live in today is quite different than what it once was – and we aren’t just talking about the Pandemic. The world we live in today is full of opportunities and options when it comes to CBD. Look back 10 years ago, and you would be lucky to find a handful of companies with a reputable name in the CBD industry. Today, there are thousands of products when it comes to CBD – how can you, as a consumer, possibly know where to begin your search to feel better using CBD oil? 

In a world where there are thousands of CBD products on the market, there is only one you need: Shah Saffron CBD. 

Why Shah Saffron CBD?

Anyone can tell you why their CBD is the best on the market, but can they walk the walk and talk the talk? At Shah Saffron CBD, we believe that our core foundation, the reason for Shah Saffron CBD in the first place, is what sets our CBD apart from the rest. You’ve heard us say it before, we were born out of a passion to heal, and that started within. 

Within our Founders, Tony and April, Shah Saffron CBD became what it is today, and continues to help thousands of individuals claim their calm back. Helping individuals to restore their health. But more importantly, continue to help individuals heal their lives.

Tony, shares his own personal story that encapsulates the Why behind Shah Saffron CBD. Check out the full video here. The Inspiring Story Behind Shah Saffron CBD

However, what sets us apart in the CBD world isn’t just our story, it’s the quality ingredients we use to produce every batch of Shah Saffron CBD oil. 

The Magic of Saffron

We don’t stop at CBD, we take it a step further by spicing it up with Saffron. Inspired by our Founder Tony’s mother who used the spice traditionally, Saffron offers numerous benefits for our overall health. This world-renowned spice is high in antioxidants, may help boost your libido, improve mood, aid in weight loss and management, and enhance mental clarity. Of the benefits, Saffron brings to the table, one of the greatest is to support the body’s immune system. In a world where our mindset has shifted to worry more about our health, boosting the body’s immune system isn’t something we take lightly. The health of our bodies has always been our top priority at Shah Saffron CBD.

According to a study from the Mashhad University of Medical Sciences.

“The anti-inflammatory potential of saffron is surely related to its strong antioxidant and radical scavenging virtues, which seems to chiefly ascribe to crocetin and crocins.”

This beautiful spice is filled with compounds that act as antioxidants — molecules that protect your cells against harmful free radicals and fight the risk of inflammation, oxidative stress, and in some cases even cancer.

Adding Saffron to our CBD oil formula enhances the benefits that CBD offers. Our team wants you to get the most benefits possibly by using our quality CBD. 

Quality CBD

Combine the inflammation reduction power of CBD along with the immune-boosting power of Saffron and you’ve got a recipe for good health. Our Shah Saffron CBD Oil is a hemp-derived CBD isolate. We leave the THC (the psychoactive ingredient that gets your high) out and use a CBD isolate for a higher purity in all our products (CBD isolate is a pure form of CBD). We use hemp specifically bred for high CBD content. A blend of CBD, Saffron, Myrcene and a hint of mint are combined in pure almond oil to create a synergistic blend with high bioavailability and a clean flavor and texture. 

Why Almond Oil? For when you ache inside and out. Almond oil is a healthier option compared to MCT oil. We use almond oil to give our clients the ability to use our product internally AND externally. Yep, you can use our CBD oil topically, even if you have sensitive skin. It really is the best of both worlds, and in both worlds, we are happy and ache-free!

CBD You Can Trust  

At the heart of our company is and always will be a passion for helping others heal. Choosing a CBD brand that you can trust can be flat-out frustrating and confusing! You deserve a brand that cares as much about your health as you do. 

Founders and clients of Shah Saffron CBD everywhere have reported a more restful sleep, improved mental clarity, and reduced aches and pains. Want to give CBD a shot? Stop searching Google for CBD products that work. Try us out for yourself today and see what sets Shah Saffron CBD oil apart from the rest. 

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