The “Why” Behind Shah Saffron CBD – With Tony and April

Think about your favorite business. Why do you like them? When you find a business or product that you like, it’s typically much more than just the material item itself that sparks an interest. It might be the business’s values, beliefs, community involvement, and engagement, etc. While there are many elements that make up a business, it’s hardly just the products. It’s the people behind it. The reason why a business is what it is, and why they offer the product or services that they do. So the question is, why do we do what we do at Shah Saffron CBD?

Our Why

Our “Why” at Shah Saffron CBD is all about our customers. That’s right, it’s all about the community we serve, and why wouldn’t it be? Our customers are so much more than an order number or a Facebook follower. Shah was started because we believe in the power of Saffron and CBD to change lives, and we want to help be the ones to help change yours for the better. Let’s be honest, life can suck. Life can kick you around and make you feel like the weight is just too much to carry anymore. We completely get it, because we have been there. Life has taken us for a roller coaster of rides. While we were at our lowest, we found what has the potential to make us feel our brightest: Saffron and CBD. 

“Helping others has always been the driving force in my life.” ⠀

Tony Moayyer

If you are familiar with Shah Saffron CBD, you know that it was founded, built, and brought to life through struggles, hardships, and long gruesome battles with health and wellness. Both founders Tony and April have experienced the benefits of Shah Saffron CBD firsthand and have a strong passion for helping others do the same. It is a passion that grows out of understanding how painful and difficult life can be and compassion for those who are struggling. When life kicks you down and the weight is just too much, our powerful CBD formula is there to help calm your nerves and ease the pain. We want to help lighten your load. 

Tony’s Story

To understand Tony Moayyer is to understand the drive behind Shah Saffron CBD. 

Tony grew up in Iran during the Iran-Iraq war, an eight-year-long war between the neighboring countries that included indiscriminate ballistic missile attacks on Iranian cities. He remembers standing on the playground, watching planes drop bombs. Living in the midst of a conflict that resulted in half a million deaths and just as many invalids, Tony saw suffering all around. His sense of empathy and wanting to help started young.

At age 11, Tony moved to the United States with his father. Due to immigration laws, his mother was forced to stay behind. He never saw her again. Two years later, Tony’s father passed away and Tony became homeless in Grand Rapids, MI with no way to reach his mother.

The Inspiring Story Behind Shah Saffron CBD

Sure, CBD is great (no secret there), but at Shah, we offer more than just CBD. We want others to be able to feel hope again, to know that there is more to life than pain or struggles. A little CBD can go a long way in helping you to live a more enjoyable life.

Overcoming Depression 

Despite his difficult childhood and adolescence, Tony has become a certified American success story. He became a licensed Realtor in 2014 and built a thriving business. He credits that to believing in himself, determination, and never giving up.

In his early thirties, Tony was diagnosed with Stage II prostate cancer. While he was searching for a cure, he was introduced to cannabis products. He underwent surgery but declined radiation and chemotherapy, instead of changing his diet and lifestyle. He stopped eating meat, ate mostly raw vegetables, and put saffron on all the food he ate, even in his water. Although Tony does not recommend the route he took, he was cancer-free 3 years later and continues to be today.

Odds are, you know someone who has dealt with or maybe is dealing with depression. Maybe that someone is you. Major depressive disorder affects approximately 17.3 million American adults, or about 7.1% of the U.S. population age 18 and older, in a given year (National Institute of Mental Health “Major Depression”, 2017). 

Surviving to Thriving

From surviving to thriving, Tony feels like he could not live the life he lives without CBD. He and April started Shah Saffron CBD because they believe in the power of saffron and CBD to change lives. Our formula starts with almond oil, high in vitamin E, and heart-healthy with a smooth, clean quality. We add saffron for additional health benefits. The origins of saffron’s health benefits date back nearly 2,000 years when it was used by healers. This delicate spice sets our CBD oil apart from others.

We choose to thrive, not just survive. We want to help heal our community and share the variety of benefits Shah Saffron CBD can offer us in our journey to a healthier life. 

Do you have questions about CBD or about making your first CBD purchase? We are happy to help – send us a message or give us a call.